Hot Tea Meditation

Tea meditation is a form of meditation through the act of drinking tea. It is a method of engaging ourselves in silent contemplation. One looks inwardly to see one’s mind as it is, without any effort to interpret or judge.

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Skin Cancer Treatment Naturally

This homemade version of Bec5 cream is based on the successful results achieved by William (Billy) Edward Cham, an Australian biochemist. A natural homemade alternative can be made using grocery store ingredients.

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Meditations on Eating

An eating meditation is among the simplest yet most profound of mindfulness practices. Mindful eating is a wonderful vehicle for weight maintenance; it is also an invaluable platform for daily meditation.

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How to Clean Bacteria off Fruits and Vegetables

Here are three ways to wash pesticides off produce, that are backed by science. All produce, organic or not, can contain some chemicals, so what is the best and safest way to wash those pesticides off fruits and vegetables?

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Amazing Detox Flush

START THE NEW YEAR WITH A CLEAN BODY You will need the following items: 9 Apple juice 1L (32 oz.) per day, for six days 9 Oral Epsom salts (or magnesium citrate) 4 tablespoons salt, 4x 200ml of water 9 Extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup (4 oz.) 9 Fresh...
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Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healing

Founded in 2002 by Graduated: Doctor of TCM, Wen Shu Teng, Oriental Medical Care offers a range of health and wellness treatments.  Dr. Teng and her associates offer Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques, Acupuncture, Reflexology and Energy Healing. More information about each of these techniques can be found on our Services page.

The health care provided at our clinic is based on the principle of Holistic Medicine: treat the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of each person. Graduated: Doctor of TCM, Wen Shu Teng will diagnose the health problem; often the effect of an energy imbalance in your body. Following this, the treatment will vary from acupuncture to massage to herbal to energy rebalance prescriptions. Graduated: Doctor of TCM, Wen Shu Teng might then suggest changes to aspects of lifestyle and diet that may be contributing to your continued health problems. You may also find that a course in Energy Healing will help you to take control of your own health.
We offer treatment plans for people managing chronic illnesses and pain.The mission of the staff is to teach people how to heal themselves through changes in their diet, acupressure massage, herbal remedies, energy healing and many other natural strategies to reclaim health. Once your healthy balance has been restored, Graduated: Doctor of TCM, Wen Shu Teng and the staff at OMC offer support so that you can continue on your path to wellness; to live without suffering, and with peace, love and light.

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