1. Force yourself to exercise for 20-30 minutes a day with a heartbeat of more than 120:
Rope skipping, jogging, and brisk walking allow 100% opening of micro-vessels, metabolize body waste, and allow the nutrients eaten to be exchanged 跳繩、慢跑、快走,讓微血管 100%

2. Strengthen the cultivation of high EQ:
In addition to maintaining a happy and calm mood, practicing static deep abdominal breathing can also help relieve stress

3. Don’t stay up late, as soon as 10 o’clock in the evening, go to bed to cultivate sleep mood
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, and the body is not allowed to enter deep sleep after 11 o’clock. If the liver blood is insufficient, the heat will be transformed, and the metabolites of the day will not be discharged immediately, the body will start to acidify, deplete the body fluid, and the body will soon be exhausted. It will be like a swamp.

4. Beef soup (only once per week) and organic chicken soup with some of the following ingredients added. These make the soup more nourishing and contain colloid ingredients: Helps deeply supplement the body’s “kidney yin” deficiency  like your body), balance and stabilize the body’s estrogen You can eat more tortoise jelly Guilinggao 龜苓膏, white fungus 白木耳(銀耳), okra 秋葵, jelly ear, and cooked lotus seed. Also you can add some American ginseng, Chinese red dates, goji berry (wolfberry), dendrobium, polygonatum, lily to reconcile the properties, 石斛 Dendrobium nobile, 玉竹Polygonatum odoratum,百合Bǎi HéBǎi Hé

5. Eat more weakly alkaline foods:
Red beans, apples, cabbage, celery, and other Alkaline foods.

月經期 MC (day 1 to day 5)

The focus of recuperation during menstruation is to allow the menstrual blood to be discharged smoothly, and to provide a clean and warm environment for the uterus, so as to facilitate the stability of the embryo during implantation and provide a comfortable environment for the embryo. Make sure no cold food, no shampoo, apply warm heating pad on your belly and your back.

Meal Plan During Menstruation 月經期間飲食計畫

1. Eat black and red bean, Gynura bicolor (only at lunch time).

2. Eat everything with ginger: especially before lunch eat one or two teaspoons of ginger powder with warm water.

3. Consumption of “Cold Pressed Sesame Oil: do not cook it:
If you dare not drink it raw, you can pour it on hot chicken and vegetables.

月經來潮後 (MC day 6 to day 15)

★ Most important: golden nurture eggs times

You must have to extra take care your health at the best, to help you have a best quality of eggs, If you are not well prepared and adjust your body to a supple state first, you will not be able to produce beautiful eggs. In this way, even if the pregnancy is successful, it will add more “variables” during the pregnancy, such as poor embryo implantation, unsound fetal growth, or fetal heartbeat and so on.

And if a woman wants to be a test-tube baby, the doctor will definitely emphasize the need to raise eggs first and keep her physique at its best. With beautiful eggs and sperm, the implantation will be stable and the baby will be healthy.

Meal Plan for days 6 to 15

1. Add more estrogen-containing foods
Soybeans, yams, green papaya, cherries, etc. Essence of chicken can regulate the deep estrogen in the body, increase the elastin of the skin and vagina, and it is also a good time for breast enlargement.

2. Eat more blood-enriching and iron-enriched foods
Oysters, pork liver, beef, mutton, raisins, and cherries all have the effect of nourishing blood. If there is no gynecological tumor disease, “Siwu soup” is also a good prescription for nourishing blood and iron, and you can choose “Qi and Blood”

3. For the regulation of “kidney yin”:
Boil Gogi (wolfberry), American ginseng, lotus seeds, lilies, Polygonatum odoratum, and dendrobium into soup, and then put the soup and white fungus into a pot to cook, tonify the kidneys and collaterals, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, help replenish body fluid and promote women to discharge beautiful after menstruation eggs.

MC day 16 to day 25 (10 days after ovulation )

Progesterone rising period, stable uterine environment

Important: Endometrial becoming thicker to help the stability of fertilized egg implantation

After the ovulation period, it is when the “progesterone” increases. At this time, we must pay attention to the supplement of progesterone. For girls who want to conceive, progesterone can thicken the endometrium to 9~12MM, stabilize the environment in the uterus, and prevent hyperplasia. The thickness of the endometrium creates a stable environment for the implantation of the uterus and helps the stability of the fertilized egg after implantation. If the implantation is successful, the role of progesterone will continue to be secreted from the 16th day of growth until the fetus reaches three months , to protect the stability of the embryo.

Don’t be angry/emotional will also affect conception!

And this is the prime time for the secretion of “progesterone”, girls will be more irritable, nervous, and irritable. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, if a person is often angry or depressed, it will not only affect blood flow, but also affect the catharsis and hair growth functions of the liver. All qi and blood stagnate in the liver (upper part of the body), and if they cannot go down smoothly, the ovaries and uterus will lose the nourishment of qi and blood, and become a deserted island, which seriously affects the probability of successful conception!

It is recommended can take liver-soothing medicines, such as: Jiawei Xiaoyao San (bupleurum, white peony, angelica, Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, moxibustion licorice, stewed ginger, mint). At ordinary times, you can also press the under those points on the chest to let the liver qi go down. In addition, it is also necessary to develop the habit of regular exercise. Exercise can stimulate the secretion of endorphins and produce a happy mood.

Meal plan for days 16-25

1. Eat more: Spinach, kale, sweet potato, clams, papaya, sanji, etc.

2. Avoid “rich food”:
Avoid eating hot and dry foods such as sesame oil chicken and Shiquan Da bu soup, and try to adjust it in a way of tonifying.

3. Eat more weakly alkaline foods:
Red beans, apples, kale, celery, rapeseed, tofu, pumpkin, onions, mushrooms, etc. See our complete list of alkaline foods.

4. Eat more ingredients that nourish yin and contain gelatin:
Guiling jelly, white fungus (white fungus), okra, Chuanqi, aiyu, fungus, and lotus seed and white fungus soup can also be cooked. It is not only low in calories, but also rich in gelatin, and has a nourishing effect~ It has many benefits for women! If you are afraid that the properties of lotus seeds and white fungus are cold, you can add some American ginseng, red dates, wolfberry, dendrobium, polygonatum, and lily to reconcile the properties.