Whenever a man has low back pain, it is reminiscent of kidney deficiency. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency in women is not uncommon. Kidney deficiency can occur in men and women, and can be divided into various types, including kidney yin deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, and deficiency of kidney qi, which can lead to dizziness, tinnitus, weak waist and knees, cold hands and feet, etc. various symptoms. If kidney yin deficiency is more common in young people, which is mainly related to various bad habits of urban people. To get rid of kidney deficiency problems, you can refer to the improvement methods and dietary tips proposed by Chinese medicine practitioners.

Common Kidney Yin Deficiency Symptoms

Dizziness, tinnitus
Frequent soreness and pain in the lower back and knees
Men with premature ejaculation
Oligomenorrhea or amenorrhea in women
Insomnia, forgetfulness
Dry mouth and throat.. dry symptoms
Hot flashes easily, sweating while sleeping
Yellowish urine and less volume
Lean body shape

Causes of Kidney Yin Deficiency

Kidney yin refers to the “yin fluid” and “yin blood” of the kidney. These substances are important body fluids of the human body and can moisturize the body. When the kidney yin is strong, body fluid and blood are sufficient, making the skin as moist as jade. On the contrary, kidney yin deficiency reflects the lack of body fluid and blood, and the body lacks moisture, just like a river bed with little water and dryness, leading to a series of symptoms, such as dehydrated skin, dry eyes, and menstrual flow. People’s emotions will become upset, easy to lose their temper, and have difficulty falling asleep at night. In addition, kidney yin deficiency will affect the body’s blood deficiency, resulting in rising virtual fire, hot flashes, upset, dry mouth and throat and other symptoms.

Caused by Kidney Yin Deficiency:

Often late to sleep at night
Love spicy food
Depressed mood, not feeling well, unhappy
Too much sex
Chronic illness means long-term illness damages the kidneys
Congenital deficiency of kidney yin fluid

What to Eat for Kidney Yin Deficiency

Chinese medicine believes that eating five different colors (i.e. red, green, yellow, white and black) can nourish different viscera. The middle kidney corresponds to black food. In other words, eating more black food at this time can nourish the kidney. Including black sesame, black fungus, bamboo silk chicken, black beans, mulberry and so on. In addition, eating foods such as walnuts, cashew nuts, chestnuts and wolfberries can help nourish the kidneys. In terms of daily life, there are several tips for nourishing and invigorating the kidney after the beginning of winter, which should not be taken lightly, including maintaining adequate sleep, keeping warm, and avoiding cold hands and feet, especially for the elderly and ladies. You might as well take advantage of the sunny days and get more exposure to the sun, which will help warm the meridians; keeping your lower limbs warm is very important. Before going to bed, you can use mugwort leaves and ginger to boil water. After cooling down a little, soak your feet for a while to make your body feel warm before going to sleep.

Kidney Yin Deficiency Tea Recipe

“Red dates, longan and wolfberry tea” has the effects of warming the kidneys and dispelling cold, nourishing yin and blood. Goji berry itself can invigorate the kidneys and is mild in nature. It is suitable for most people to drink. This tea can also help relieve cold hands and feet, cold palace and dysmenorrhea. However, people who are prone to indigestion, stagnation and abdominal distension should drink with caution.

2 to 3 red dates
10 wolfberries
2 to 3 longan
500ml water

After washing the ingredients, remove the pits from the red dates. Then put red dates and longan in hot water for 15 minutes, let it cool down a bit, add wolfberries and cook for 5 minutes.