Comprehensive Healing by Angels

When we attune to the angels through simple, serene ceremonies and rituals, healing floods our being on every level and releases us from the negative energy patterns associated with disease and pain.

You too can learn how to:

  • direct subtle angelic energies through your hands and thoughts
  • transmit healing energy
  • create an angel altar and summon the specific angel you need

Angel Healing also provides helpful prayers and invocations, as well as several beautiful and powerful guided meditations. Open yourself to the healing power of the angels so you may always carry their blessings of communion, luminous energy, serenity and peace with you.

There are no prerequisites for this class.

Description: We developed our “Healing Angels” class to support two groups of students. It is perfect for students who do not have any Integrated Energy Therapy® Training but who love angels and who would like to meet and work with the nine special angels of healing (Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah, and Michael). It is also ideal for IET students who want to learn to call upon the Healing Angels and add a special spiritual dimension to their sessions. You will learn the special healing gift that each angel brings and a special prayer of invitation to call upon each angel. Everyone from angel novice to expert can benefit from this class.

Class Methodology: This class is based on a powerful four step process that enables you to energetically connect with the Healing Angels and develop your personal relationship with each of them. In this class you will be lead by your IET Master-Instructor through this four-step process to systematically focus on each of the Healing Angels. The group energy created in this class will enable you to connect much more powerfully with the Healing Angels than you can do alone. Even “psychic turnips” (those students who cannot feel, see, taste, smell, or sense energy in any way) often have powerful energetic awareness of the Healing Angels in this class.

Comprehensive Healing by Angels

Do you know that your chakras affect your health and well being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Do you know we can eliminate our physical illness, but our minds still feel the suffering? When you’re feeling stressed, ill, or confused, would you like to know what the divine will or plan is for you? Do you wish to know the divine’s message?

This retreat is for you if you need deep healing and want to make substantial positive changes in your life. Would you want to move forward on your path with angelic protection and enjoy your life filled with confidence, health, peace and joy? This is a special weekend to change your whole life.

You can accomplish all of this by releasing, clearing, unblocking, and rebalancing chakra blockages or obstacles to restore the flow of energy through guided meditation. We will also teach you the best and most perfect way to interpret messages from an angel card reading.

This class will help you to better understand how your chakras affect our physical & emotional bodies. Clearing and rebalancing energy is very real. Once you have cleared one type of energy, you will no longer attract that kind of energy. Or, if you are around that type of energy in others, it will not affect you. It no longer pushes your energetic buttons. The work you do is cumulative. Every time you clear energy, fewer things will come to you that you need to clear.

Learn to unblock/ heal your chakras through meditation and energy healing with the archangels. Work with the archangels to release these blockages. Each chakra is associated with different emotions and illnesses, as well as different colors & archangels/angels. Each radiates unique divine qualities associated with a particular ray of spiritual light, which focuses on the chakras (energy centers of the body). Learn about each of your major chakras and how you can work with the archangels and their associated healing colors, and understand divine messages through the angels. Learn techniques for both healing and protecting your healthy energy field.

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